This research did not find the presence of any supplementary teaching cloth in the books. Furthermore, one of the most tasks of the NCTB is the advent of experimental quiz help innovative activities in the contents of the books, but nothing enormous has been modified during this sphere. However, something which has been initiated to this point is the advent of the artistic method quiz help in this strategy the questions are inventive requiring self sustaining considering. Then again, the reliability of the inventive approach is in query as a result of students get guide books available in the market quiz help most of the colleges are not able examination help put in force the creative approach on account of the loss of trained teachers. From Curriculum planning, development, quiz help reform for primary quiz help secondary education by Muhammad Abul Hossain quiz help Shawkat JahanIn this part, the goal of my analysis was exam help find out the implementation of the aims quiz help goals of the curriculum. The research found that during both the local or school level, NCTB has failed exam help reach its aims.