Zhao, P. Wei, L. Zhuang, S. Ruben S,Q. X. FASEB J. Alongside the new ?99 Translucent Mirror digital camera, 35mm full frame sensors make their debut in the awesome Cyber shot?RX1 compact digicam quiz help the Handycam?NEX VG900 E mount interchangeable lens camcorders. They?re joined at the Sony booth by the whole range of digital cameras, camcorders, accessories quiz help photo peripherals, together with professional digital camera products for serious videographers quiz help film makers. The eagerly awaited ?99 is the 1st Translucent Mirror camera from Sony that elements exam help full frame 35mm Exmor CMOS image sensor with exam help determination of 24. 3 positive megapixels. Ruggedly built exam help meet the demands of great enthusiasts, it?s also one of the world?s lightest full frame interchangeable lens digital cameras. In exam help world first from Sony, the ?99 elements exam help fresh Dual AF System that maintains ultra fast, correct tracking focus even supposing the discipline leaves the 19 point AF frame.