Finally, possible answers exam help the issues social engineering raises are also offered in the context of the higher technological environment by which company is carried out on earth we live in today. General features on social engineeringA non academic definition of Social Order: Institutions, Socializations, quiz help the Performance of Social RolesErving Goffman dramaturgical theory is exam help seminal idea in the field of sociology. An example of “micro sociological diagnosis,” it compelled sociological diagnosis back into the examination of matters which actually exist, individual behavior, as an alternative of mere ideas. Goffman validated that the examination of real things can not only make clear latest lines of thought, but open up new avenues for the study of social behavior. Thesis: Through his emphasis on the particular person’s performance of social roles, Goffman demonstrates that, even though social organization quiz help dynamics do have an impact on particular person behavior, it is the individual herself who determines the general shape of this behavior. Summary of the TheoryErving Goffman’s work, often labeled as “symbolic interactionism,” is highly helpful for the study of socialization quiz help the performance of social roles.